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Event Alert: Inland Emperors Art Exhibit (9/8-10/27)

[Image Credit: Robbert Flick, photographer and Professor of Fine Arts at USC.]

We're not affiliated, but nevertheless this might be of interest to some of you...

Inland Emperors
(September 8 - October 27, 2007)
Reception: Saturday, October 13, 6-10pm

dBA256 Gallery
and Winebar
256 S. Main Street
Pomona, CA 91766

909. 623. 7600

What distinguishes the art scene east of the 605
– okay, the 57 – is less its variety than its longevity. The Inland region is one of the cradles and incubators of California art from the inception of “hard edge” painting to the subsequent course of sculpture’s “ceramic revolution”. Inland Emperors, an exhibition celebrating this longevity and innovative artistic activity opens at dba256 Gallery September 8th and runs through October 27th. Inland Emperors is the inaugural exhibition for dba256 Gallery which is located in the heart of downtown Pomona’s Arts Colony.

Works by notable Inland Region artists include Karl Benjamin, Alexander Couwenberg, John Divola, Tim Ernst, Robbert Flick, Sant Khalsa (with poetry by B.H. Fairchild), Doug McCulloh, Thomas McGovern, Susan Rankaitis, Sandra Rowe, Paul Soldner and Larry White. Critical essay by Peter Frank. For more info, visit:

At first glance, it's not the kind of I.E. art I'm necessarily interested or invested in. It's a bit 57-centric and I'm definitely more 6oFWY, but I'm guaranteed to make a research stop nonetheless. Plus, I actually really do admire Flick's work conceptually and aesthetically. I can't make the reception on the 13th, however, because of the ASA conference in Philly this weekend. Anyone interested in a Pomona adventure before the end of October?

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mary contrary said...

That's funny -- I almost took a photo for you of the front window of Flick's. "INLAND EMPERORS" looks quite striking when stenciled on glass. I walk by the place at least five times a week!

Too bad the exhibit has passed . . .