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The Raincross Connection + Virgo Roll Call

Looks like Riverside's signature Raincross (R), the civic symbol originally designed as a logo for the Mission Inn, has had something of a gangsta and Hot Topic-inspired crossover. My gal pal J-Stack (maiden name, J-Sto), must really be homesick for the 'Side now that she's professing in Binghamton, because she took time out during her first hectic weeks on the job to send me this:

(click title for full story in the Press Enterprise)

As if there weren't enough raincrosses around Riverside, the ubiquitous bell and double-barred cross has been appropriated by gangsters, graffiti artists, and teenagers in general...

Riverside adopte
d the raincross as an official city symbol in 1968, and it is featured in the new city logo selected in 2005. More than an official emblem, it has seeped into Riverside's collective consciousness.The raincross is stamped in concrete overpasses, shaped into gates and fences, printed on the sides of garbage cans and on city street signs. Police patches feature a raincross. Businesses all over town use the image on their signs and stationery. The Mission Inn and downtown stores sell raincross ties, key rings, jewelry and more. The ladies wearing $2,500 diamond-encrusted raincross necklaces from Marden Jewelers might be shocked to hear it, but Riverside police often see gang members with raincross tattoos paired with gang numbers and letters.

Something tells me we'll be peepin' some of these on L.A. Ink in the very near future.

The Emperor had a very lovely birthday in the I.E. tha
t kicked off the Virgo season and sullied the Raincross in several ways. I'm not one to share felonious details, so let's stick to the horoscope stuff. Virgos have been going through a rough zodiacal patch lately (what with the eclipses in our sign and all the power, tumult, health issues and transition they bring), so I thought we all deserved a big Imperial shout-out and virtual hug! Here's the Virgo roll call as my calendar, ravaged liver and wounded pocketbook remember it:

Aug. 23 - Yours Truly
Aug. 28 - Joon Oluchi Lee*
Aug. 29 -
Molly McG* & Rosi Pahl (ex-mutti out-law)
Sept. 2 - JTizzle, Anjali A., and Ms. Mark Ng (who had a huge Three-Oh! bash at the Bungalow Club)
Sept. 7 - Gabriela M.
Sept. 8 - Alexis L.
Sept. 9 - Marcia O.
Sept. 13 - ML aka "Moe" Cheng
Sept. 19 - sistah out-law, Helen Cutler

Hit me up on email if you'd like to be added to the roll call, or if I screwed up your date. 'Til then, lay low and let's soothe ourselves by re-organizing our cupboards (literally and spiritually) while looking at the stars and seeing how they shine for us...

*I accidentally flipped Joon and Molly's bdays. But as Ms. McSpiritFingers herself reminded me, she shares the 29th with "wacko Jacko," the artist formerly known as Michael Jackson.

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Marcia said...

My Emperor!

You got the date right. I haven't gotten the cosmic smack-down just yet, so I'll hope to keep it at bay until I get back from research.

My ass is going to a brothel in Barcelona for a couple of weeks.