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Media Alert: Inland Valley News Features

You gotta see these for yourselves. The first is a news feature about the Mission Inn's holiday "festival of lights" with an awkward "mute elmo" moment. The newscaster, Janet May, is ubiquitous on youtube with lots of little featurettes on the 5 block radius that comprises "the cute part" of downtown Riverside. Apparently she covers the Riv beat for a show called Inland Valley News. I'm not sure where IVN airs--likely local cable or public access.

The second clip, also from IVN, features Gram's Mission BBQ. The newscaster who shares the beat with Janet May, "Bill," looks and behaves like a high school geometry teacher. I find these vignettes wonderfully anachronistic, and slightly empty and creepy.


Charlie said...

fave moments

Clip 1 - the "woman on the right" with the dippy smile on her face and what looks like a small animal burrowing into her hair, from 1:46-1:56, and the "introspective" turn Janet May flawlessly executes at the piece's conclusion.

Clip 2 - the South Carolina shoutout, and Bill Morrison's effed up elocution. "Isampled (awk pause) thecreOLEdishes." Also, the oddly suggestive way he says "sweet potato pie."

Christopher Guest should make a public access tv mockumentary. Is that too easy and cruel?

Anonymous said...

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