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I.E. on "The O.C." (Media Alert!)

Hot off my Tivo (lesbionic belatedness part deux): The O.C. strikes again with some playful, if snarky references to The Riv--or is it The 'Side?--in this week's "Chrismukk-huh?" episode. Of course it revolves around Riverside's first official primetime vixen, Julie Cooper-Nichol-Just Cooper again, thank you very much.

In the opening sequence, an unusually sedate Julie tells her younger daughter Kaitlin (first introduced as a replacement mini-Mischa, yet infinitely more amusing than her wan and affectless older "sister") to hustle and load the car up for Christmas dinner with the maternal grandfolks.

Kaitlin: "I don't wanna go to the ghetto for Christmas."

: "It's not the ghetto--it's Riverside [dramatic pause] and that's where our family lives, so hurry up."

Later in the show, Julie delivers a delicious quip about "Riverside" and "Wine Coolers," but I can't find a video clip or a fansite dilligent enough in these, the show's purportedly waning days, to post a full-script recap. I'm pretty certain the joke would be lost in my attempt to reconstruct it. Planet Claire promises a full script transcription by 8pm, but who knows when she made that promise. Suffice it to say, I'll do my best to follow up with an accurate citation someday, somehow, somewhere.*

For now, I don't have much more to add about
this Riv cameo in The O.C., although you can bet I'll have volumes to say about the OC--show and place--in future posts. After my inaugural post, I do have to admit to feeling as if I should clarify a couple of quick things about my relationship to the OC. As much as I will, in this blog, gladly trade upon the presumed whiteness, plasticity and conservatism of our neighbors behind the Orange Curtain, I'm well aware that there is a (dare I admit it?) Riv-like socioeconomic and cultural complexity to the make-up (and we ain't talkin' MAC) of our OC neighbors. North County vs. South County, Brown conservatives, Fundies and Catholics, Jews and Gentiles (Sandy Cohen is not entirely a figment of Josh Schwartz's imagination)...

My OC I.Q. shot up thanks to time spent in the belly of the beast, in The 'Vine's QLC (UCHRI's "Queer Locations Collective") in 2004 with one of my suburban studies soulmates, Glen Mimura. To invoke the wisdom of Nu Shooz, "Ooooooooh...I Can't Wait" to see more of his project on "The Brown O.C."

Stay tuned for next week's dispatch direct from the I.E. as my Kangagi and I take a Riverside gaycation with Mr. and Mrs. Trollito! Any emperors or empresses up for a few drinks Thursday nite 12/21 at The Menagerie or The V.I.P (aka "Very Important Phag") hollerz over email. We'll be hitting up both spots before the night is through.

'Til then, in the spirit of "Chrismukk-huh?," a glimpse at our the right, to the right...

*It turn's out Planet Claire came through after all. At 8pm CST, she posted the following exchange between Kaitlin and Julie. Picture this: Kaitlin plops a bottle of chardonnay into an oh-so-Riv Igloo ice chest and the following conversation ensues:

Julie: Oh, now honey I told you my family only drinks wine coolers.
Kaitlin: We're having a very Britney Christmas, mother.
Julie: Yes. Watch out. I might put you on my lap while we drive out there.


Jenny said...

and precisely what wrong with wine coolers? Just because we aren't classy enough to drink wine out of the box. . .

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